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Four singles from our new album "Fernando" now available!

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The latest single from our third album "Fernando"!

We had such an awesome time last night a
Some awesome times last night at @thedak
We had an awesome time in New York!! It
Kept it real in Washington DC! Thanks to
Living that lake life and putting these
Last night at @boxcarral in Raleigh NC w
It’s been real Gainesville! Thanks to ev
Awesome time last night at @curiositycof
Houston! We love you! Amazing time last
Such a great time in New Orleans last ni
St. Augustine, we had one hell of a time
Last night at @mauisugarmillsaloon kicke
Gonna be keeping the party alive in Hunt
Still buzzing from the awesome show at @
We had a great time yesterday being a gu
Ah man, Sunday was such a damn good time
Gonna be announcing some new LA shows an
#tbt to when we got to meet @fergie back
We have LA shows coming up yo!! @loftens
Last night at @harvardandstone was rad!
Thank you to everyone at the @tiltwoclub
Thanks to @heyvictoriaanne for these awe
We had an awesome night in Reno playing
This tour has been so awesome!! We are t
Last night at @burnt_timber_brewingandta
Great times last night in Phoenix at @lu
Dallas, it's been real... Played the @de
This indie rock band just got a new van!
Tonight we'll be playing at @elcidsunset
Oh man, that was a sweet show last night
Shout out to @maynotlast (Michael Curtis
Next Sunday 1/27 we'll be at @elcidsunse
Tonight, us three dudes will be making s
Some damn good times last night at @harv
The other night at @elcidsunset kicked s
A lot of fun last night at the @owenwils
Free show tonight at the @venicebeachbar
Our alien friend made it to the @thewhis
Getting to record at 606 Studios last we
We want to thank everyone from the @thew
Good times last night at @twilightcafean
Gonna be at @theredwoodbar tonight conti
We'll be playing Odd Nights Fest at the
Washington, you're beautiful! #raisedont
Kid mosh pit! Cool show happening tonigh
We'll be playing a last minute show at @
Some more cool shots from @luckystrikeli
This next show is going to be insane! To
A lot of fun today in Reno! Thanks @reno
These guys are awesome!! Fun show today
Tonight!! Free show at @mauisugarmillsal
Happy Halloween from Raised on TV/ Steve
On our way to @frogandpeachpub in San Lu
Raised on tv in nature. Stopping in Lake
Great shoot yesterday for our Big Sur mu
A lot of fun tonight playing at The @ale
Good times in Berkeley playing the Solan
We had an amazing week on the road with
Fun show last night at @burtstikiloungea
@raisedontvband is in #Vegas!!.jpg
Thanks for having us tonight @kalyehits_
Good times playing at the #houseofblues
Hanging with #FreddieMercury last night!
From our tour when we were in Seattle! #
Fun show last night at @meowmeowzpasaden
Near Seattle on our 2016 soccer mom mini
Portland has been good to @raisedontvban
We had an amazing time in #Berkeley for
Fun show last night at the @brewyardbeer
#raisedontv #dinosaurs #refrigerators #r
We won the first round of battle for van
Rocking in Liemert park today!! That was
We had such an awesome time last night a
Thanks to @heyvictoriaanne for these awe
We’ll be doing it live on 2/6 at @highla
20 shows in 35 days! We did it! This has
Good times yesterday talking with DJ Lis
The Road Dogs Tour has come to an end, a
More cool shots taken by @heyvictoriaann
Such an awesome time last weekend at the
Shout out to @maynotlast (Michael Curtis
Was awesome getting to be on @latalkradi
Man, that was an awesome day getting to
That was an amazing show last night! Tha
Another cool shot from @thesatellitela s
Thanks to the #Anaheim #artcrawl for hav
Such an amazing day yesterday playing at
Kept it real in Washington DC! Thanks to
Dan from @toughguysoda was rocking our n


Raised On TV is a band of two brothers that are natives of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. The band has gone through many trials and tribulations since their original formation in 2016, and then reformation from a 3-piece into a 2-piece in 2019, but the band is now at a place that is perhaps more honest and gritty than it has ever been.

With no shows to play, little money to spend, and an excess of time on their hands due to the pandemic, Keaton and Kacey decided to commit to recording their third studio album. The aim was to capture that honesty and grittiness they had found as a band. So, they left the more polished alternative rock sound behind, and recorded entirely in their lockout, mixing the album themselves. Originally called “Season 3” (In line with a pattern started with the first two albums) the band also opted for a title change. They chose to name the album “Fernando.”  The name Fernando can mean an adventurous and bold journey. It's also the name of the valley they call home. To them, this album sought to capture something raw, scars and all, that place of realness deep within, so it made sense to name it after where they grew up. The sound can be described as true, rather than perfect, their own vein of “Garage Rock.”

They are releasing “Fernando” strictly as singles, all eleven songs, one at a time, each accompanied with a video. While eagerly waiting for the day when live music will return, Raised on TV hopes to connect the best that they can through this new series of releases. They are also currently converting their tour van into a camper van, and planning to travel and live stream in 2021. Even if they can’t play live shows, Raised on TV still wants to get on the road, and seek out all the things that made them a band in the first place.


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