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Yack Magazine - New Music – Raised On TV ‘Smog City’

Los Angeles based alt-rock trio Raised on TV offer up their new single ‘Smog City’ – the band’s latest helping of their second album titled ‘Season 2’. The band are said to be ‘super excited’ for the final product to be finished and why not when the finishing touches are being put on your music at Dave Grohl’s 606 studio.

‘Smog City’ brings a lot to the table, for starters there’s a underlying feeling of the grunge-era that seeps into the guitar work giving a nostalgic edge. There is also the wavy Tame Impala-esque middle section and subtle moments of americana that bring their own inflections of yesteryear. Despite this the band state that the song is about driving for Lyft (that’s American for Uber) in LA, which both two members of Raised On TV have done as a side hustle.

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