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AXS - Raised on TV prepares new album and two music videos this summer by Belinda Ware

Raised on TV arrived on the L.A. music scene on a mission to rock the house starting on festivals and the club circuit. The three musicians behind their high energy and alternative rock sound are Keaton Rogers on guitar and lead vocals, his brother Kacey Greenwood on drums and their mutual friend Ryan Weiss on bass and back-up vocals. Since their debut in 2015, they have explored new dimensions of rock music and now have a niche sound that fits their vision for what's next for alternative rock reaching back to 60's rock for musical flavor with influences from the Beach Boys, The Who and Led Zeppelin.

In a recent interview with, the band's lead vocalist and guitarist Keaton Rogers talked about the band's journey from late night garage jam sessions to becoming a rising band on the touring circuit. Rogers shared that the key to their success is long jam sessions; they “always lead to discovering new music and even themselves as musicians.”  “Big Sur” and “Iced Coffee” are two of their recent indie releases that illustrate their ability to create pop-rock fusion in a way that elevates alternative rock to a mainstream platform. They are working in studio currently on their upcoming album release, Season One, scheduled to debut in the late summer of 2017 along with new official music videos for“Hurting for You” and “Big Sur” coming out in July 2017.

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