Our debut full length album, SEASON 1, will be out on​ 10/20/17!! Until then, it is available for PRE-ORDER on iTunes.

Our single, Big Sur, premiered on!! Check out the article and listen to the song here.

"Hello. How are you today? Having a rough week? Or maybe you're just mellow as pie and gearing up for the weekend? Either way, we're here to get your coconut-filled palm tree swaying (that is not a penile reference) with the premiere of the song "Big Sur (Up The Coast)" from LA-based trio, Raised on TV. With an easy-breezy (and yes, beautiful - what up, cover girl!) mix of alternative, rock and indie, these gents have perfected the sun-soaked soundtrack to accompany your next Sunday BBQ." - Christopher Gonda

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Be Yourself: Raised on TV’s Advice - Interview with 


Keaton Rogers offers some excellent advice, tells his band’s story, and elaborates on how they’ve arrived where they are: about to release their debut album titled “Season 1” and two months away from playing at the youbloomLA 2017 Music Summit & Festival. 

Keaton, Kacey, and Ryan, the members of Raised on TV, began “working away in Ryan’s mom’s garage” in the summer of 2015. Keaton and Kacey, who are brothers, “always thought it would be cool to be in a band together”. So when Keaton’s previous band disbanded and Kacey and Ryan’s previous band also fell apart, they joined forces to create Raised on TV. - Marie Tobias

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"​Raised on TV arrived on the L.A. music scene on a mission to rock the house starting on festivals and the club circuit. The three musicians behind their high energy and alternative rock sound are Keaton Rogers on guitar and lead vocals, his brother Kacey Greenwood on drums and their mutual friend Ryan Weiss on bass and back-up vocals. Since their debut in 2015, they have explored new dimensions of rock music and now have a niche sound that fits their vision for what's next for alternative rock reaching back to 60's rock for musical flavor with influences from the Beach Boys, The Who and Led Zeppelin.​" - Belinda Ware        

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