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NewNoise Magazine - Video Premiere: Raised On TV – “Big Sur (Up The Coast)” by Sean Gonzalez

New Noise Magazine is relaxed and ready for the weekend thanks to the premiere of “Big Sur (Up The Coast)” by Raised On TV. The song is sentimental, invoking feelings of time travel and traveling back through the always distant path. The tone of the song feels reflective, always searching for the memories and moments where one was totally free. “Big Sur (Up the Coast)” is a summer song to play with the windows down, taking in the fresh scenery around and soul searching to learn to let go. The song is off of the upcoming full length, Season 1, slated for release on October 20th.

Raised On TV had this to say about the song:

The inspiration for the video came mostly from older 90’s style videos, Foo Fighters “Learn to Fly,” Blink 182 videos, as well as Weezer videos, and also from some Beatles videos (their songs, “Rain” and “Paperback Writer”) Videos that showed the bands not taking themselves too seriously, and also showing a lighter side to the band. We were looking to incorporate some humor, so that’s where the whole triple tandem bike adventure with Keaton playing a Venice Beach, eccentric, weirdo, sort of guy came from. Keaton has done a lot of crazy character style acting so we thought it would be fun to bring that into Raised on TV.

We searched all over town for that triple tandem bike rental, and after calling about fifty places, as well as going to a bunch without any luck, we almost gave up on the concept. Apparently, triple tandems are extremely rare in LA nowadays, they have been banned from the beach trail in Santa Monica and Venice so no one carries them. Everyone told us we were crazy and would never find one to rent. We could buy one, but that would take an extra few thousand dollars that we definitely did’nt have. We found the one triple bike left in all of West Los Angeles to rent!! It took fifty one calls! So, don’t give up on your dreams is the lesson of this story.

Also, while filming the footage of us playing on the beach at El Matador, there was a girl doing a nude photo-shoot at one point in front of us. She was just doing her thing, same as us I suppose. So if you

see us smiling during that footage, now you know why.

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