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Indie Obsessive - “Caroline” and “Smog City” by Raised on TV – Song Features

As the trio moves toward the release of the next album, Raised on TV is two for two. The first successful “at bat” occurred in 2018, when “Caroline” received acclaim in the blogosphere. The vocal approach at the start of each of the three verses is attention-grabbing. The first line is divided into three parts by pauses, with the third being the most melodic. Thus, the lyrics begin “Don’t…. forget…. to remember” - the lyrics of "Caroline" are included below. Still, it’s the guitar bridge that is particularly praiseworthy, starting at 2:07.

“Smog City” is the second positive “at bat.” The Los Angeles-based band more readily features its Rock side in the song that was inspired by driving for a ride-hailing company (Lyft). Sometimes separately and other times together, “Smog City” displays the band’s skills on guitar, bass and percussion. Thus, the drumming may not use drumskins, such as started around the two-minute mark (likely sticks against metal rim). And the guitar goes into tremolo (as in Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”) at 1:13, until the bass makes its presence known twelve seconds later.

The members of Raised on TV are brothers Keaton Rogers (guitar, vocals) and Kacey Greenwood (drums), along with Kacey’s best friend from high school, Ryan Weiss (bass). All three members grew up in the San Fernando Valley. They formed the band that became Raised on TV in 2015. “Caroline” and “Smog City” will be on the album “Season 2,” which follows the 2017 album “Season 1.” It’s appropriate that a band that calls itself Raised on TV should refer to its albums on the basis on seasons.       “Smog City” was tracked during a session at Studio 606 (Dave Grohl's studio, which houses the notorious Sound City board) in late 2018 with Brendan Dekora (Muse, Foo Fighters) co-producing and Ben O'Neil (The Killers, Neon Trees) mixing. The song is about driving for Lyft in LA, which both Keaton and Kacey have done as a side job.

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