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For the Rabbits - [VIDEO PREMIERE] Raised On Tv – Old Journals

Having garnered plenty of attention through their energetic- and notoriously fun- live show, Los Angeles alt-rock trio, Raised On TV released their debut album, Season One back in October. Ahead of dates across America’s West Coast, today we’re premiering the video to the band’s new single, Old Journals.

The band have described the video as, “a retrospective collage of moments from the early stages of the band, a sort of video journal”, and it is made up of camera phone footage of life on the notoriously difficult American underground scene. A world of van breakdowns, desert camp-outs and even the odd gig, if you’re lucky.

Musically, the track seems to blur the lines between Saves The Day’s energetic, emotive-pop and The Mountain Goats’ more nuanced, intricate moments. There’s something classically college-rock about their music, yet Raised On TV stop well short of sounding like a late-1990’s pastiche, instead sounding fresh and exciting. They’re only on Season 1, yet you feel like this is one TV show that’s going to run and run.

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