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EARMILK - Raised on TV trade technology for truth in "Soul on Fire" by Chloe Robinson

Los Angeles alt-rock band Raised on TV explode with energy in their new single "Soul on Fire". With powerful jangly guitars and throbbing drums, the highly contagious roaring rock track details finding yourself in the digital age. It's about disconnecting from technology and discovering a connection to your authentic self.

Raised on TV consists of two brothers and their high school friend, Keaton Rogers (guitar, vocals), Kacey Greenwood (drums) and Ryan Weiss (bass). Fusing together a dynamic alt sound, they draw influences from 60s and 90s rock bands, while constructing a style all their own.

"Soul on Fire" is off their sophomore album Season 2, with its prequel Season 1 narrating the relatable journey towards adulthood, and with this latest work representing a different stage of life. "It's beyond adolescence and teen angst. There's still some angst, but maybe that angst is more adult? Dealing with financial struggles, relationship struggles, losing friends, etc." the band reveals.

Raised on TV have accomplished a lot on their path to success. They've played numerous festivals and sold-out audiences at tours throughout the country. They have also opened for renowned artists such as Jefferson Starship and Marcy Playground. The band is now heading on the road for "The Off the Couch Summer Tour of 2019" performing shows all across America and Canada.


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