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AmericanPancake - The churning elegant indie rock / doo wop punk pull of "Strange Times"

"Strange Times" is pushed with a sense of wild abandon and heavy remembrances by L.A. based Raised on TV and filtered through a sort of elegant pop beauty at it's core. You can feel that beauty in the cool pretty guitar melodies and within Keaton Rogers' vocal aesthetic that feels starry eyed as he croons words that have a charming wit but feel sort of sad as well. The track is incredibly punchy offsetting the bedroom pop affections with churning guitar rhythms and exquisite hyper doo wop punk drumming by Kacey Greenwood with amazing snappy fills and shuffling power. Turn it up, the power and lovely sort of romance waves-esque tones will wash over you.

Press notes indicate:

["Strange Times" is the fourth single off of Raised on TV's third studio album titled "Fernando." The name Fernando can mean an adventurous and bold journey. It's also the name of the valley the band calls home (San Fernando Valley.) To them, this album sought to capture something raw, scars and all, that place of realness deep within, so it made sense to name the album after where they grew up. The sound can be described as true, rather than perfect, their own vein of Garage Rock. "Strange Times" has a lot to do with what we all we went through during Covid and is about being dependable for other people during hard situations.]

Raised on TV is currently a dynamic duo and on "Strange Times" the artistic / musical duties went like this: Keaton Rogers as writer, vocalist, guitar, bass and mellotron with Kacey Greenwood on drums and theramin. Produced by both, recorded and mixed at Rainbow Road Studios with additional mastering by Flavio Monopoli.

-Robb Donker Curtius

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