The Los Angeles based rock trio, Raised on TV, is currently in the midst of creating their second full length album titled “Season 2”, and has just released “Caroline”, the first single from the album.

It was described by Soundsphere Magazine as a “wonderfully fuzzy, constantly building alternative rock banger of a tune – melodic in a similar vein to Silversun Pickups or Hundred Reasons, this is ferocious, and effortlessly catchy.” The response to the new single has been amazing, and the band is super excited to finish up the rest of the tracks. Caroline was recorded at The Elephant in the Room studio in Hollywood with Ethan Kaufmann on the same board that was used to track the Killers’ album “Hot Fuss” and it was mixed by Ben O’Neil and Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees.)

“The song is about learning how to wake yourself up when life begins to feel like a dream. To put it another way, sometimes the most important things in our lives can get out of focus by the nature of being so close to them. When we first started to play this song in Ryan’s garage, his mom was humming the melody when we all walked into the kitchen. This definitely encouraged us to keep going with it, and made us feel like there was something special in this song.”

Raised on TV is comprised of brothers, Keaton Rogers (guitar, vocals) and Kacey Greenwood (drums) and rounded out by Kacey’s best friend from high school, Ryan Weiss (bass). All three members grew up in the extra hot San Fernando Valley, and formed the band that would become Raised on TV in the Summer of 2015.

They recorded and released their first EP, “The Pilot EP” in 2016 with producer Flavio Monopoli, and followed that with as much touring and as many live shows as possible, in their hometown of LA, and then also traveling up to Canada and playing everywhere in between for what was titled “The Soccer Mom Mini-van Tour.”

The band got to work on their first full length album, “Season 1” in early 2017 with producer Josiah Mazzaschi (Light FM) recording at his “Cave Studio” in Glassel Park. It was released later that year, along with their first three music videos. The album charted on the NACC top 200 and was described by as “grooving from one track to the next with a familiar kick-assery that reminds us that blink-182 and Fall Out Boy disciples are alive and well. The lyrical content is often snarky and exhilarating. At times though, the album is flecked with the feeling of loss and searching that occupies so many of our young adulthood’s as we strive to find our place after the haze of teenage angst has settled.”

They saved up and bought a beaten up 1991 Ford van that they named “Polly” (a Nirvana reference) and toured up the west coast several times as well as throughout the American southwest, playing in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada for the “Looking for Aliens Tour” and then the “Season 1 Tour.” That van is currently broken down and awaiting repair after a crazy and traumatic (and fun) night in Las Vegas. After the breakdown, the band embarked upon the “Broken Down Van Tour” for shows and festivals in the American North West. A lot of footage from these early tours can be seen in the music video for their song “Old Journals.”

Once Season 2 is finished, the band plans to release more videos and get back on the road, hopefully with a working van. You can also always find them playing out somewhere in LA.

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